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:: Kozákov ::
This flying terrain you can find on the northern border of Bohemian Paradise (Český Ráj), between towns Turnov and Semily. Starting place in above sea level of 744 meters is oriented on two directions: southern 190° and western 260°. Less used is also southern starting place on the left side of the ski-tow. View tower Kozákov and its view platform at the level of 24 m is very well seeable by coming from every direction.
:: To starting place by car ::  
The best way to get to Kozákov is by the way from Turnov to Semily, take turning up the hill in Lestkov village course Kozákov. Next turning to the left is at „U Coufalů“ restaurant, where you will find roadsign to “Riegrova chata” (Riegr´s challet and restaurant) and “Kozákov”. After appr. 200 m you will reach Komárov village and here in second house on the right hand you can find Paragliding Center Kozákov with the largest offer of paragliding equipment shop and also possibility of permanent permit for starting place Kozákov and information offer about this terrain. The journey continues up to the big parking place in front of “Riegrova chata” and view tower on the top of the Kozákov hill. 50 m far from this parking place is situated starting place Kozákov.
Price of permanent permits:
LAA member 200,- CZK/ year (appr. 7 Euro)
others 400,- CZK/year (appr. 13 Euro)
Daily permit 30 CZK/1 Euro
:: Start ::  
Starting place is situated in above sea level of 744 meters and it is a big maintained grassy area for at minimum 20 spreaded paraglides. Ideal conditions for flying on Kozákov create southern to western flow on wind speed of 2-5 m/s, when also very good termic conditions are here. Start at west 260° is easy, only at soutwest flow turbulences can occure behind trees (only for more experienced pilots). When you can´t fly over beeches on the right side of the forest path is a runaway space, where one beech is missing. Southern start 190° is for slight slope of starting area slight difficult. On southeast flow only for experienced pilots, possibility of turbulences again. Also here is at the right side of the forest path runaway space with missing tree. Furthermore here is a starting place on the southern side of the hill left from the ski-tow. Here is the possibility of starting at mild south or southeast wind up to speed of 3 m/s, but personally I don´t recommend this start because of adult trees at the way in the down part of the ski-tow where is also very small space for ocasional forced landing.
:: Landing ::  
On your way to the top of the Kozákov hill you will pass two mostly used landing spaces in above sea level of 484 meters on your left side, right behind the way, marked by wind sock. Areas are divide by the field way with plum trees on its side. I recomend landing at the down area No.1 , at the upper area No. 2 land only in the down part of this area with respect to the land owner. Watch the electric cables along the way and also the trees along the field way. Landing is easy or slight difficult due to mild slope of the area. Flying restrictions are none here, I would only like to call your attention on taking care on coming from sloping into termic flying.
Starting place N 50° 35.595
  E 015° 15.806
Above sea level of start 744 meters
Landing place N 50° 35.192
  E 015° 15.456
Above sea level of landing 484 meters
Paragliding center Kozákov N 50° 35.374
  E 015° 16.805
Above sea level 632 meters
:: top ::

:: When you can´t fly ::
Kozákov is important touristic place in Bohemian paradise, well known by tourists and cyclotourists, but first of all by paragliding pilots, because offers marvellous flying and other possibilities of cultural and sporting activities. In nearby surround there is a lot of monuments, places for kayaking and climbing. For example:
  • Votrubcův lom - you can try to find precious stones in the pit, precious stones exhibition, right above the landing area
  • Trosky, Frýdštejn, Hrubá skála, Hrubý Rohozec, Valdštejn - castles
  • Sychrov - chateau with beautiful park and many cultural actions held here
  • Boskovské jeskyně - caves in Boskov, direction Semily
  • Suché skály, Panteon - rocky town, for tourists and climbers
  • Sedmihorky - spa, camping, swimming
  • Košťálov - bathing pool
  • Zlatá stezka Českého Ráje - golden touristic route
  • Dlaskův statek - skanzen
And beautiful nature everywhere - hills, woods, rocks, Izera river - simply Bohemian Paradise.

:: Accomodation and meals ::
In surroundings of Kozákov there are several possibilities of accomodation, for example following:

:: Penzion pod Kozákovem ::
Pension is 500 m away from starting place Kozákov, right at the way to the top of the hill, in Komárov village and is well marked. You have 4 doublebed rooms and 3 provisory beds at disposal, rooms are equiped by WC, shower, TV and own kitchen. Price 150 CZK or 5 Euro per night and person with possibility of breakfast ordering. There is also possibility of free sleeping in the garden of pension near fire place (WC and shower in pension).
Location: N 50° 35.387
  E015° 16.650
Contact: Fuksová Miloslava
Address: Komárov 14, Semily
Phone: +420 607 980 609

:: Touristic challet Riegrova at Kozákov ::
Offers restaurant + separate room, concerning accomodation - 7 2-4 beds rooms at disposal with own social equipment and possibility of half or full boarding. You can sit outside at grilling or kiosk with suitable capacity, summer country evenings. Possibility of sleeping in a tent right at the starting area. View tower Kozákov right on the top, view platform 24 m, in season 1.4.-31.10. open 10 a.m.-17 p.m. or at any time for groups after agreement with operator. View for Bohemian Paradise territory and on good sight for 1/3 of Czech Republic, many souvenirs at desk of the viewing tower.
Challet: N 50°35.650
Phone: +420 481 320 100
  +420 721 114 895
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